• Americans United in Belief Companies Should Speak Out, Divided on What Issues

    Companies are increasingly expected to speak out on issues of broad importance to society. Public polling suggests a consistent and high level of support among the US Informed Public for companies to stand up or speak out on at least some issues.  

    Across several waves of polling over the last nine months, roughly equal numbers agree that companies should speak out on ANY issue in keeping with their company values or ONLY on issues connected to their business (39% for each), while only 22% believe it is RARELY or NEVER the role of companies to get involved in societal and political issues.  

    Navigating corporate positions on specific issues is, not surprisingly, more challenging. Only around half of the Informed Public says they would feel more favorably toward a company for speaking out on a range of specific issues including gun laws, China’s human rights record, vaccine mandates, voting rights and most recently, abortion rights. One notable exception: overwhelming public support for companies taking action against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

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