• Americans Want Companies to Engage on Societal Issues but are Split on Which Types are Fair Game


    As corporate leaders face decisions on whether to wade into polarizing societal issues, Americans’ preferences are clear: nearly 4 in 5 say they want companies to speak out on at least some types of issues. Though there is a slight lean toward expectations to speak only on issues directly or clearly connected to the specific company’s business interests (43%), greater than one-third (35%) say they want companies to speak out on ANY issue, whether or not it aligns or conflicts with company values.

    This highlights a challenging dynamic in which executives may feel called to meet societal expectations and speak out. However given the sensitivities, and in order to make the most informed decisions on an issue by issue basis, it’s critical for executives to first understand the expectations of their own unique stakeholders, and align actions and communications to meet their expectations.

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