• Beliefs About Hybrid Work Productivity Differ Inside vs Outside the C-Suite

    Is blowback against hybrid work about to emerge from the C-suite? If so, CEOs should be prepared for employees to send that energy right back at the boardroom. Among a select group of executives who are part of the Transformative CEO Community, nearly a quarter think that hybrid work schedules decrease productivity, compared with 15% who see the more flexible model as good for productivity (62% think productivity will stay the same). Among the informed public, however, views about the impact of hybrid work schedules on productivity break the opposite way: 37% believe hybrid work arrangements result in increased productivity, compared with 19% who believe hybrid work arrangements decrease productivity (43% believe hybrid work results in the same level of productivity). As companies continue to reinvent the future of work within their organizations, attracting and retaining talent could become even more of a challenge if they don’t allow some of that work to be done outside the company’s walls.

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