• Part B - CEO Summit Panel #7 - CEO Global Citizenship: AFN, LinkAmerica, Geekseat, DLT Global, U.S. China Partners (4/21/22)

    Problem To Solve: CEO Global Citizenship – This workgroup’s participants will discuss the CEO’s role as a Global Citizen and how they lead in a precarious world that is financially, politically, and socially inter-connected like never before.

    Workgroup Leader (Facilitator): Matt Sitter, CEO, Advantage Foundry Network

    Workgroup Participants:

    • Andres Ruzo, CEO & Executive Chairman, LinkAmerica
    • Simone Hildebrand, CEO, Geekseat
    • Adam Goldstein, Executive Chairman DLT Global, Former CEO Royal Caribbean International
    • Savio Chan, President & CEO, US China Partners, Inc.
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