• CEOs Feel Positive for The Future Despite Economic Downturn

    2022 started with concerns over a global recession, another wave of COVID-19, and cracks starting to show in global supply chains. At that time, 50% of CEOs in the Transformative CEO Community felt negatively toward the economic/business climate for the first half of the year. The question was asked again of CEOs in April, against the backdrop of the Russia-Ukraine war and higher inflation. This time, a large number of respondents’ feelings toward the economic climate had shifted from negative to holding steady.

    As we head into the last financial quarter of the year, CEOs’ expectations of the economy are finally looking up. Late-August polling of the Transformative CEO Community showed double-digit increases (+19%) in respondents who felt that the economic/business climate of their industry will trend positively in the fourth quarter of 2022.


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