• CEOs Respond to Quiet Quitting

    Mainstream emergence of the term “quiet quitting” this summer launched articles, social posts, op-eds and water cooler debates on the topic, a frenzy that landed the topic squarely on the radar of CEOs. In September polling of the Transformative CEO Community, two-thirds of the participating CEOs said that quiet quitting is being discussed in their organization – and 42% of those discussing it were already making plans or taking steps to address the phenomenon.

    While the buzz around the term is new, the factors beneath it have been CEO priorities throughout the workplace transformation hastened by the pandemic. Polling of the Transformative CEO Community in recent months has shown that more than half of CEOs believe employee retention has fundamentally changed during this period and will not return to what had been considered “normal.” And CEOs don’t plan to sit idly on the issue. When asked in which area of their business they are most excited to think boldly in the year ahead, workforce and talent transformation was the area that edged out all other priorities for the top spot.

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