• Company Favorability Rises When CEOs Speak Against Injustice

    CEOs today are expected to lead not only on issues directly related to their business but also on key issues of society at large. Among adults who regularly follow the news, 3 in 4 (77%) say they’d view a company favorably (31%, much more favorably) following a CEO making a public statement against injustice. And while such expectations have historically been considered a demand coming from just one end of the political spectrum, the reality is that support today cuts across political party lines – with any remaining political divide disappearing with each new generation.

    While there is a meaningful gap between Democrats and Republicans overall in viewing that CEO action favorably (90% favorable for Democrats; 57% favorable for Republicans), the gap closes significantly for adults under the age of 55, bringing all groups near or above that 3-in-4 favorable threshold. For adults 35-54 years of age, 93% of Democrats and 65% of Republicans would view a company more favorably if its CEO issued a statement against injustice. For the 18-34 age group, the gap narrows significantly, with 86% of Democrats and 75% of Republicans viewing the action favorably.

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    “It’s no longer a choice to separate executive reputation from corporate reputation.” – Explore the insight from Futurecasting by Purple Strategies.

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