• Most Businesses View Themselves as Technology Companies Too

    During the second annual Transformative CEO Summit, JetBlue Founder David Neeleman said his company is, “a technology company that is also an airline.” Out of the summit participants, 24% of executives agreed with his statement and said, “my company is a technology company that also delivers against our core business.”

    Almost every company in the world relies on technology to run its business today. Companies such as Uber have customers request its services and pay for them all within a phone app. Other companies, such as major airlines and delivery services, want customers to get quick resolutions to their issues by chatting online with support rather than picking up the phone to speak with a real human.

    While some others polled didn’t fully agree, half of top leaders said, “my company delivers against our core business first, and is also a technology company.” Tech will continue to evolve and make work and business easier for CEOs and employees as long as customers feel comfortable working with it.

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