• Part A – Keynotes, CEO polls & data, and Announcement of Transformative CEO Award for Top 10 Businesses in America of 2023 (9/28/2023)

    “LEADERSHIP 2023— AI, Culture & Courage”
    September 28, 2023  11 A.M. – 1 P.M. ET (via Zoom)

    “I believe there is no greater opportunity for true leadership to emerge than in times of transition. The democratization of generative AI is such a time … right now. Just like in the 1990s with the Internet and a decade later with mobility/social, this is a snapshot in time where leadership – the rare combination of exceptional vision, empathy, communication, collaboration and courage — will set the course of enterprises, industries, the economy and society. At this Transformative CEO Summit, top CEOs will convene to brainstorm: the future, core elements of true leadership and the types of cultures that will dramatically elevate organizations. CEOs will learn, share and build the partnerships to lay the foundation for geometric growth.” – Robert Reiss

    • Summit Cost: $49 Standard Fee
    • Participants: 20 CEO Panelists in WorkGroups  (By Invitation Only) and 250+ CEO observers


    1. “Adding heart to company culture” ~ Sharon Price John, CEO, Build-A-Bear-Workshop

    2. “Lessons of leadership from 35 years as CEO‘” ~ Farooq Kathwari, Chairman, CEO & President, Ethan Allen

    3. “What CEOs need to know and do about Generative  AI” ~ Mike Critelli, Former CEO & Chairman, Pitney Bowes

    4. “Lessons in Courage from Fighting Human Trafficking” ~ Tim Ballard, Founder & Former CEO, Operation Underground Railroad; Subject of the hit movie Sound of Freedom; Author of several best-selling books

    Robert Reiss will announce the 10 recipients of our 2023 Transformative CEO Awards in the category of Top Businesses in America:

    1. AI ~ Ravi Kumar S, CEO, Cognizant
    2. SUPPLY CHAIN ~ Kate Gutmann, President International, Healthcare, Supply Chain, UPS
    3. FOOD & BEVERAGE ~ Ramon Laguarta, CEO, Pepsico
    4. CREDIT UNION ~ Dennis Devine, CEO, Alliant Credit Union
    5. BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION ~ Joe Hart,  President & CEO, Dale Carnegie
    6. AMERICAN JOBS ~ Lynn Tilton, Founder & CEO, Patriarch Partners
    7. INNOVATION ~ Michael Weening, President, CEO & Chairman, Calix
    8. MODERN BUSINESS ~ Tien Tzuo, Founder & CEO, Zuora
    9. GENDER EQUITY ~ Nicolas Hieronimus, CEO, L’Oreal
    10. FIGHTING HUMAN TRAFFICKING ~ Tim Ballard; Founder, Operation Underground Railroad; Subject of the hit movie Sound of Freedom; Author of several best-selling books

    Recorded: September 28, 2023

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