• Part A - Keynotes, CEO polls & data, and Announcement of Top 10 Transformative CEO Healthcare 2023 Awards (06/28/2023)

    June 28, 2023  11 A.M. – 1 P.M. ET (via Zoom)

    “Transforming is relatively easy during stable times. The challenge is volatile times like these – with SVB and the possibility of a domino of bank failures, a combination of both potential inflation and recession, unremitting supply chain challenges and a societal disunity of values and alignment. We know that transforming an industry — or organization – in these times is like changing the tire on a car traveling 65 miles per hour. So, to help drive success, on June 28, 2023 top CEOs will gather, brainstorm and collectively see around the corner so we can all develop new business transformation models together.” – Robert Reiss

    • Summit Cost: $49 Standard Fee
    • Participants: 20 CEO Panelists in WorkGroups  (By Invitation Only) and 250+ CEO observers


    Part A – 11:00 am ET – 11:30 am ET Welcome and Opening Speakers

    Opening presentations will set the stage for our CEO problem-solving Workgroups and Robert Reiss will present Healthcare 2023 awards.


    1. “Emerging Strategic Models” ~ Sharon Marcil, North America Chair, BCG
    2. “Unlocking Key Potential with the Power of ‘Real’” ~ Esi Seng, CEO, Tate’s Bake Shop

    3. “The Subscription Economy” ~ Tien Tzuo, Founder & CEO, Zuora

    Robert Reiss will announce the 10 recipients of our 2023 Transformative CEO Awards in the category of Healthcare:

    1. HEALTH EQUITY ~ Robert C. Garrett, CEO, Hackensack Meridian Health
    2. DEI ~ Rosalind Brewer, CEO, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.
    3. CULTURE ~ Joseph Cacchione, CEO, Jefferson
    4. BEHAVIOR HEALTH ~ Mark Miller, President & CEO, Universal Health Services
    5. PHYSICIANS ~ James L. Madar, MD, CEO, American Medical Association (AMA)
    6. CANCER RESEARCH & TREATMENT ~ Laurie H. Glimcher, MD,  President & CEO, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
    7. INNOVATION ~ Jeffrey A. Flaks, President & CEO, Hartford HealthCare
    8. CONSUMER FINANCE ~ Alberto Casellas, CEO, Synchrony Health & Wellness
    9. LIFE SCIENCES GENERATIVE AI ~ Dr. Lana Feng, Co-founder & CEO, HUMA.AI
    10. INSURANCE ~ Virgil R. Miller, President, AFLAC U.S.



    • Developing a universal leadership model for business and America
    • Tomorrow’s culture: intelligence, agility and humanity
    • Supply chain strategies during volatile times
    • The healthcare business model of 2025
    • The Customer of the Future
    • Developing Strategic Agility


    Summit Format:

    • Part A: 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM EST
      Transformative CEO Keynotes, CEO polls & data, and announcement of the 12 recipients of the 2022 Transformative CEO Leadership Awards
    • Part B: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM EST
      Concurrent workgroups of CEOs will come together to exchange ideas and brainstorm on how to grow and face current challenges for their industry and society
    • Part C: 12:30 PM– 1:00 PM  EST
      Workgroups will report their hard work as they pitch a visual solution for their industry’s transformation.

    Recorded: June 28, 2023

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