• Part B - CEO Summit Panel #2 - "Supply Chain Agility and Healthcare": UPS, Universal, Griffin, Gensler (12/14/2022)

    “Supply Chain Agility and The Future of Healthcare”

    Problem to Solve: Advancing the future of healthcare and creating agility in the supply chain

    Summary: The world’s supply chain challenges are not only unprecedented but also unpredictable. This is essential for a mission-critical industry like healthcare where not just our well-being but lives depend on a seamless supply chain. This esteemed group represents the leaders in: behavioral health, person-centered acute care, hospital architecture, public health biopharmaceuticals, and healthcare supply chain. They will discuss the future of advancing our healthcare system.

    Workgroup Leader (Facilitator): Kate Gutmann, President International, Healthcare & Supply Chain, UPS

    Workgroup Participants:

    • Marc D. Miller, CEO & President, Universal Health Services, Inc.
    • Patrick A. Charmel, CEO, Griffin Health Services Corporation & CEO, Planetree Inc.
    • Scot Latimer, Head Global Healthcare Sector, Gensler
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