• Part B - CEO Summit Panel #3 - "The Future of Care Delivery": Premier, Steward, Northwell, HSS, Ochsner (12/14/2022)

    “The Future of Care Delivery”

    Problem to Solve: How to enhance clinical outcomes while reducing healthcare costs.

    Summary: The purpose of this panel is to bring together leaders to talk through the core issue of enhancing patient care. We will do this through the lens of creating efficiencies and enhancing margins while incorporating advanced technologies. The team’s goal is to share insights of elevating the healthcare delivery system.

    Workgroup Leader: (Facilitator) Michael J. Alkire, President & CEO, Premier

    Workgroup Participants:

    • Dr. Ralph de la Torre, Chairman & CEO, Steward Health Care Systems LLC
    • Michael Dowling, President & CEO, Northwell Health
    • Amy Fahrenkopf, MD, President, HSS Health (Hospital for Special Surgery)
    • Pete November, CEO, Ochsner Health
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