• Pay and Benefits Only Half the Reason Employees Plan to Stay with their Companies in 2023

    While some signs indicate the era of the Great Resignation may be drawing to a close, the battle for talent continues, and leaders are keen to know what levers to pull to keep top talent. And pay is only half the story.

    In January Purple Strategies polling of the Informed Public, employees who said they planned to stay with their current employer in 2023 were asked to choose from more than a dozen different factors the short list of reasons why they anticipate remaining at their current employer. Only 51% of employees selected pay and benefits as part of their list of reasons.

    The most-listed reasons beyond pay and benefits fit into the broad theme of culture and connection. Those other top reasons employees cited for planning to stay at their organization during 2023 were being with coworkers and managers, opportunities for growth, and a company’s purpose and values.

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