• Part C - TCEO Summit - Closing Summaries (GE, UPS, Newmark, Insight, PwC, EPAM, Green Group, Buy Box, Travelocity - 02-25-2021)

    Part C – 12:15 pm ET – 1:00 pm ET


    Our nine work group leaders present their solutions. We share CEO participants’ 2021 predictions. Adjourn.

    Workgroup Leaders:

    • Work Group 1 – Rebooting Society: Corporate Citizenship – Work Group Leader (Facilitator) Michael Chen, Former CEO, GE Media Finance

    • Work Group 2 – Reinventing Healthcare – Work Group Leader (Facilitator) Kate Gutmann, CEO, Health and Lifesciences, UPS

    • Work Group 3 – Reinventing Manufacturing Work Group Leader (Facilitator) Michael Ippolito, Vice Chairman, Newmark

    • Work Group 4 – Rebooting Society: Transforming with Digital to Emerge Stronger Work Group Leader (Facilitator) Stan Lequin, Sr. VP Digital Innovation, Insight Enterprises

    • Work Group 5 – Reinventing Financial Services Work Group Leader (Facilitator) Christopher Scarpati, Partner and US Capital Markets Advisory Practice Leader, PwC

    • Work Group 6 – Reinventing Retail Work Group Leader (Facilitator) Elaina Shekhter, CMO and Head of Strategy, EPAM

    • Work Group 7 – Reinventing Education Work Group Leader (Facilitator) Len Green, Chairman, The Green Group

    • Work Group 8 – Reinventing eCommerce – Work Group Leader (Facilitator) Joseph Hansen, CEO, Buy Box Experts

    • Work Group 9 – Reinventing Travel – Work Group Leader (Facilitator) Terry Jones, Founding CEO, Travelocity
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