• Values Most Likely to Guide Companies to Pursue – Not Pass – on Opportunity

    As companies work to align corporate behavior with corporate values, there is some indication that action – as opposed to inaction – is more frequently used in bringing those values to life. 

    Among members of the Transformative CEO Community who reported being guided by their corporate values in considering certain opportunities over the past year, those values guided them more often to pursue opportunities (88%) even though they did not help the bottom line, rather than pass on opportunities (47%) that might otherwise help the bottom line. 

    It may be that there is an overall bias toward action within corporate settings, or that a decision to pursue is more visible and therefore more easily tracked and “counted” toward achieving a goal, or that value-driven opportunities worth pursuing come along more often. Or it could be that some other driver is at work. This is an area that deserves further exploration as purpose- and values-alignment continue to be important to boards, shareholders, customers and employees alike.

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