• Workers Feel Sense of Belonging, Despite COVID Disruptions

    While we are living in the era of the Great Resignation, with record numbers of people leaving their jobs, there are bright spots for employers when it comes to navigating the new workplace normal. Last month, we reported that employers have earned high marks for COVID workplace decisions, with employees approving of their employers’ handling of work location decisions by a 3-to-1 margin. Another positive sign: in recent polling, the vast majority of employees agree that “most days, I feel like I belong as a part of my company/organization” (86% of the employed Informed Public) — with that strong finding holding up across sub-groups including age, gender, race and notably, employee tenure, even among employees hired during the pandemic (since March 2020), and regardless of whether they started remote, hybrid or in person. As the pandemic drags on, workplace culture remains a good thing for most workers.

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