• Part B - Work Group 2 - Reinventing Healthcare (Northwell Health, Universal Health, ClearVision, Premier, Rite-Aid, Berg - 02-25-2021)

    Work Group 2 – Reinventing Healthcare

    Problem to Solve: How can CEOs transform healthcare and improve the patient experience during and after a pandemic during which drug manufacturers fast-tracked vaccines to meet unprecedented demand for speed and quality from patients quarantined in their homes?

    Work Group Leader (Facilitator) Kate Gutmann, CEO, Health and Lifesciences, UPS


    • Michael Dowling, CEO, Northwell Health
    • Alan B. Miller, Founder and Chairman, Universal Health Services
    • David Friedfeld, CEO, ClearVision
    • Susan D. DeVore, CEO, Premier Inc.
    • Heyward R. Donigan, CEO, Rite Aid
    • Dr. Niven R. Narain, CEO, Berg
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